Success Stories

Praveen Gupta

  • Qualification : B.Com

  • Working at : Mettler Toledo Company

    "I would really like to thank everyone in the organisation for all the efforts put in towards my career. Not only did they help me successfully complete my graduation (B.Com) but also were instrumental in me bagging my job at Mettler Toledo"

Laxmi Bomidi

  • Qualification : Post Graduation Clinical Psychology

  • Working as : Counsellor to private clients

    "Today I can proudly say I'm a psychology counsellor, working with private clients, all due to the hard work of everyone in the team. Right from helping me complete my post graduation in clinical psychology to helping me reach where I am today, the team has worked effortlessly and made me realise my dream"

Malkawa Bomidi

  • Qualification : B.A, D.Ed

  • Working as : Teacher in Powai English High School

    "The teachers and staff were so helpful and dedicated that they inspired me to take up teaching as a profession. Working as a teacher with Powai English High School, I pass on this knowledge with same enthusiasm and dedication so that many other children can benefit and rise up in life, just like I did"

Radhika Pal

  • Qualification : Post graduation

  • Working in : Axis Bank as an Officer

    "I am totally indebted to the management for tutoring and mentoring me throughout my post-graduation which resulted in me getting a job as an Axis Bank officer. It would have never been possible if it wasn't for these wonderful people and it is because of them that I am who I am today!"