Our Team

Shailesh Jain, Sulabha Pathak, Gauri Bhasin,Rajalakshmi Unnikrishnan (standing; From right to left)

Heera Lal Gupta, Asmita Pawaskar,Taslim Shaikh, Kalpita Betkar, Nagamma Koli (sitting; From right to left)

Indivdual Image in row: Swati Nalawade, Anjul Pratap Singh, Meenakshi Rajesh, Hemant Gome

Our Interns

Sruti Sajith

  • Volunteering at Seed Foundation Mumbai has been an eye-opening experience for me. There are so many children from underprivileged backgrounds that have so much potential and a great desire to learn. Such children deserve opportunities to grow and flourish. And Seed Foundation is a small attempt to help a few students fulfill their dreams by providing them academic assistance after school along with food and school supplies.

  • My stint teaching the kids has been a grounding experience for me. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we tend to forget to take a pause; and enjoy the journey. These kids helped me recall how beautiful it is to take pleasure from the simple things in life and for that I am forever grateful to them. The optimism and innocence that they exude in the face of adversity is something all of us should learn which is why I would definitely recommend that each one of you volunteer at this organization at least once.

Vinayak Bhasin

  • Understanding the need of sports for the holistic development of a child, a few colleagues and I started the Sunday football sessions for the kids at Seed Foundation. Little did we know that Sunday morning would soon be the most looked forward to time in the whole week.

  • The sheer happiness on the kid's faces while picking up a new sport and their energy & enthusiasm made everything that we did, absolutely worth it. I would urge people to take out two hours on a Sunday morning and experience the joy of giving especially to these kids who need it the most