What we do

Quality Education: Focus on interactive learning with various learning aids to make education interesting and value adding at the same time

Holistic development of children: Along with curriculum teaching, communication classes, extracurricular activities such as dance, drawing, football, rangoli, guitar, computers, etc., are promoted to harness individual skills of the children.

Commitment to healthy learning environment for kids: Undertaken activities to ensure healthy mind with healthy body goes into studies. Providing nutritious diets daily, medical check-ups and distributing medicines and installing of water purifier are some of the many activities.

Evaluation and Accountability: Regular customized tests and assignments to keep tab on the performance of the students. Communicating this performance to children’s parents and consulting them to support and promote their kids’ studies is one of the key points in the evaluation process.

Common goal of a diverse team: People from various backgrounds such as professionals, academicians, scientists, students commit themselves to the common goal of empowering these less privileged kids through this potent means of education.


Our belief is to serve with whatever means possible. Join us in the various roles you can pitch in

Today, with the support of our management, staff and volunteers, we reach out to 120 kids in slum areas of Mumbai and hope to empower these children for a better future.